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Pets can be your best friends and bring you immense joy. Regardless of your pet’s age, you can experience a lot of great memories during your life together. As your pet gets older, it’s important to make sure he or she lives a comfortable life. In fact, many of the problems aging pets experience are the same ones we face as we age, such as arthritis or problems with hearing. Here’s how you can take care of a beloved pet as they begin to age.

Give Your Pet High-Quality Food

Research suggests that some animals, such as cats, experience altered digestive efficiency as they age. They require healthy, high-energy meals even as they get older. If you have a cat, it’s extremely important to feed them nutritious cat food. Organic cat food is full of nutrients that can help your cat, so research the best kinds of organic cat food online to determine what you need.

Observe Your Pet’s Habits and Changes

Your pet has typical habits, but they might often attempt to hide their illness from you. So, it’s important to keep track of anything that has changed in your pet’s habits. Sometimes, things as simple as bad breath or changes in the color of their gums can alert you to the bigger problems that might be making them sick. If your pet is eating less, losing weight, or is less social than normal, there might be something wrong.

Keep Your Pet Active and Play with Them

It’s important for your pet to stay active as they get older. You should still take your dog out on a daily walk for a little fresh air. If your pet is purely an indoor animal, then finding indoor games can be a great way to help your pet get exercise. Part of this activity also involves helping them stay mentally active. You can do this by getting them new toys, especially ones that involve some type of puzzle, which will provide some much-needed mental stimulation.

Take Care of Their Oral Health

Dogs and cats need oral help, too. If you don’t take care of your pet’s oral health, they could develop gum disease and, as a result, struggle to eat. If your pet is losing weight or not eating his or her regular food, issues with their gums could be the problem. To prevent this issue, invest in pet toothbrushes and brush your pet’s teeth daily. Besides brushing your pet’s teeth, you can buy them food or products that will help them prevent dental problems.

Give Your Pet a Cozy Bed

Just like humans, pets need a good night’s rest. According to Scientific American, research has shown that sleep is vital for some pets to maintain cognitive sharpness. Your pet’s bed might be a little worn down, so it might be time to invest in a new bed or refurbish it. There are some orthopedic pet beds, as well as memory foam beds. Technology has come a long way these days, and your pet gets to experience those benefits.

Visit the Vet Frequently

As your pet gets older, you may need to visit the vet more frequently. Veterinarians suggest bringing your pet in at least once a year. You can work with your vet on the best methods for taking care of your pet and help you monitor the changes. Write down whatever behavioral changes you can see in your pet, and remember to ask the vet about anything you see. They have a great understanding of what’s going on and how to treat it.
Studying our aging pets continues to yield important information about aging in general. The hope is that this work can be used to make the aging process simpler for all creatures great and small. In the meantime, make sure your pet is eating healthy food, getting plenty of mental and physical exercise, and enjoying lots of love and attention.