An article was written by Lara Baylosis of Our pets become as much a member of the family as any member of the household. We provide them with their needs, train them to ensure proper behavior, and sometimes, we just spoil them rotten. However, simply keeping a close watch on your furry pal is not enough. Don’t overlook the importance of booking a regular appointment with a veterinarian. If we, humans, benefit from annual health checkups, so do our pets! What is a Pet Checkup? Much like a human checkup, the vet will ask you some questions regarding your pet’s dietary habits, exercise levels,Read More →

An article written by Nick Burton of Owning a pet is one of the highlights of life for many people; dogs, especially, are loyal animals who give comfort and bring peace to individuals and families alike. Whether you own a puppy or an older pet, it’s important to learn the finer points of being a conscientious dog owner. This will not only help you remain in the good graces of your friends and neighbors, but it will also keep your dog safe and happy for years to come. Good dog etiquette can mean anything from training your pup to making sure he’s vaccinated and healthy; it all dependsRead More →

Author Nicole LaForest LVT, RVT, CCFT- Pet Emergency Education Certified Instructor I worked in emergency medicine for longer than I should have. I can think of well over 30 cases where I had to initiate CPR and almost none of them came back to the light. Not atypical compared to the statistics available. You get accustomed to condemning the pet to death before they’ve even had a chance to be in front of the judge. Now, I co-own an ambulatory surgery practice (primarily orthopedics) and we get a lot of crazy cases, but nothing that typically sends a pet over the edge. Until about 8Read More →

An article written by Nick Burton of Pets can be your best friends and bring you immense joy. Regardless of your pet’s age, you can experience a lot of great memories during your life together. As your pet gets older, it’s important to make sure he or she lives a comfortable life. In fact, many of the problems aging pets experience are the same ones we face as we age, such as arthritis or problems with hearing. Here’s how you can take care of a beloved pet as they begin to age. Give Your Pet High-Quality Food Research suggests that some animals, such as cats, experience altered digestiveRead More →

Pet Emergency Education founder and co-owner was recently featured as a faculty member at Ashworth College. Outside of her responsibilities as Director of Operations at Pet Emergency Education, Amy teaches various courses in Ashworth’s AVMA accredited veterinary technology program.  Read the article in the Ashworth e-newsletter! Click Here Follow Amy on Linked In!Read More →