Lisa Mikol-Doering DMV

Dr. Mikol-Doering is a veterinarian in the Northwest Suburb area of Chicago. She graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1999, and has been in private practice since. She currently limits her practice to surgery and dentistry. She has one dog, Dunkin’D (named after the coffee!) and is married with three girls. Lisa also teaches at a vet tech college, as she enjoys teaching in the field of veterinary medicine. She is excited to be able to teach people how to be prepared and help their pets in the event of an emergency. 

Lorrainne Schild CVT

Lorrainne is well known for her love and connection with animals. She is a Certified Vet Tech and has worked in the veterinary field for over 12 years in general practice and emergency. She is very patient, caring individual who loves to teach and share her knowledge, and experience in all aspects of animal care. She has a love of horses and has volunteered with horses and wildlife rescue. She has always had animals in her life and states she always will.


Katie Borowiak CVT

Katie has been a practicing Certified Veterinary Technician in the Chicagoland area for 20 years.  She has had the opportunity to experience the many aspects of veterinary medicine throughout her rewarding career while working in a small animal clinic, a specialty referral hospital and as an instructor for a veterinary technician program.  She has devoted the last 10 years of her career exploring her passions in veterinary surgery, anesthesia and critical care.  

Having a soft spot for bully breeds has motivated Katie to become involved in rescuing and advocating for the silly, lovable breed.  When she is not busy cuddling her Pit Bull, Cinder, she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening and decorating.


Roxanne Olson CVT

Roxanne is a Certified Veterinary Technician in the state of Mn. She has been working in the field of veterinary medicine since 1992. Roxanne has been teaching Veterinary Technology since 2000. She enjoys her two Beiwer Terriers, one cat, and several angora goats.