Instructor Policies and Guidelines


Pet Emergency Education, LLC expects that their instructors, staff and volunteers will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

Instructors agree to adhere to the following policies at all times while affiliated with Pet Emergency Education and while teaching our CPR, first aid and emergency classes:

General Policies

  • Customer service is a priority at all times. Please always be courteous, polite and professional in your attitude when representing Pet Emergency Education.
  • Instructors must agree to only teach Pet Emergency Education training and certification classes through Pet Emergency Education, LLC and may not teach any comparable classes independently or for any competitor while affiliated with Pet Emergency Education. Exceptions may be made for instructors who teach in high school and college programs and include our course as part of their curriculum in classes for their education institutions, however these exceptions are made at the discretion of the Pet Emergency Education Management and should not be assumed. Instructors agree that they will not teach any pet CPR or first aid certification classes within 60 days of termination of this contract and once affiliation with Pet Emergency Education has been terminated instructor will no longer be considered an instructor with us and must cease immediately using any Pet Emergency Education mark, name, logos and materials such as class powerpoints and manuals.
  • Although Pet Emergency Education makes a strong effort to match instructors with potential classes, instructors are required to make an effort to identify places to hold pet CPR classes such as businesses, veterinary clinics, libraries, dog training centers, clubs/groups, etc. in their local community.  Pet Emergency Education will provide quality resources including fax and emails blasts to the instructors’ area to promote them. Fliers and other promotional materials are also provided to instructors in order to assist them in securing a class location. As soon as a location is identified and a date and time is agreed upon between the instructor and the host facility, the instructor is to direct the facility to fill out the Information Form on the Host a Class Page on the Pet Emergency Education website. The Pet Emergency Education office will then manage all of the aspects of the class including setting up registration pages on our website, collecting registrations, publicizing classes on our website, providing books, customized cards, certificates and materials to all class participants, maintain continual communication with class participants and the host facility, obtain class accreditations and approvals by regulatory organizations who recognize said classes, manage refunds if needed, assist in marketing the class through e-newsletters, fax blasts, social media, etc. in order to help the class receive enough participants. The instructors are also expected to promote their own classes as well to insure success.  This is done through their social media pages and contacts as well as promoting throughout their local community.
  • When Pet Emergency Education personnel contacts an instructor about company business, such as setting up a class or questions about an existing class, it is expected that the instructor will respond within 48 hours of initial contact.  
  • If at any time a host facility contacts the office to book a class, the company management will match the host up with an instructor in their area to teach the class. Pet Emergency Education is happy to take a supporting role in assisting our instructors in finding locations for classes and will actively seek out classes for our instructors, however the primary role of seeking out classes is the responsibility of the instructor as they will be more successful since they live in the location where their classes will be booked. Whenever an instructor is contacted by our office or a host facility for any reason (most importantly to schedule classes) the instructor is expected to respond within 24-48.
  •  Instructors are expected to travel anywhere from 60 miles to up to 2 hours in any direction from their home base to teach a class.
  • Instructors are encouraged to teach as many classes as they want, however at a minimum, each instructor is asked to try and teach at least one qualifying class every 60 days.
  • Pet Emergency Education, LLC provides promotional flyers and materials to instructors through CourseSites (our resource site) to help the instructor promote themselves and obtain classes.  We are a national company with many active instructors in various states.  With the large volume of instructors and classes we manage every month we can in no way guarantee classes for an instructor but will provide support and guidance to all of their instructors to help find classes and be successful. 
  • At no time may an instructor collect registrations.  All registrations must be directed to our office.  If a class participant is a “walk in” at a class an exception can be made to allow the instructor to collect the registration and payment from the walk in participant and said payment must be mailed to our office (ie. Check) within 2 days.  It is encouraged that walk in participants register on our website via smartphone, etc.  for the class when they sign in at the beginning of the class.
  • Instructors are fully responsible for their own actions as a Pet CPR instructor. Instructors assume all liability when they teach a one of our classes.  Injuries or incidents involving the instructor, class participants, and/or facility personal that occur while representing Pet Emergency Education as an instructor are the responsibility of the instructor and Pet Emergency Education, LLC, its staff, owners and volunteers are held harmless of any liability.
  • Instructors are NEVER allowed to promote their own personal beliefs, agendas and/or opinions during any Pet Emergency Education, LLC class. This is a factual training program that teaches documented scientifically proven information to our class participants. At no time will we tolerate instructors that discuss controversial subject matter in a class including but not limited to
    • controversial information and organizations such as animal rights organizations, training equipment and training methods, personal opinions on animal breeds and breed laws and regulations, etc. 
  • In no way may anyone charge more than the fee set forth by Pet Emergency Education for any program. In no way may any entity benefit monetarily from any Pet Emergency Education class except fundraising programs organized prior to a class being held.
  • Instructors are encouraged to obtain their own professional liability insurance coverage, however it is up to the discretion of the instructor to purchase said insurance.  Each facility has its own insurance coverage for incidents that happen on its property so risk is minimal to instructors.
  • Each instructor must purchase an instructor’s kit from Pet Emergency Education.  Kits are listed on our website and vary in price range from $369.95-$599.95.
  • Instructor’s kits are custom made and personalized with the instructor’s information therefore they are non- refundable.  Due to the customization some items in the kit may take on average of 4 weeks to be received.  Items in the kits are drop shipped from the manufacturer and may be received in multiple shipments.


  • Instructors will be compensated $20 per paid participant in each of their classes. (for example, if you have a class of 10 people you get paid $200 for 3 hours of work). Payment will be mailed out to each instructor the first week of each month for the previous month’s classes.  Payments are ONLY sent if our office has received all of the required documentation including rosters, walk-in registration forms, all payments from host locations and participants, etc.
  • Instructors are compensated for paid attendees only. They will not be paid for participants that do not show up to their classes or for any complementary registrations that are given to host facilities as an incentive to host a class.
  • Instructors are not employees and must never imply that they are. Instructors are independent contractors that are compensated a percentage of the registration fees in exchange for teaching
  • As an independent contractor you will be responsible for your own taxes. Pet Emergency Education, LLC will issue a 1099 for each instructor at the end of the year; that will be mailed to you for your use for tax purposes.  Any questions about tax filing for 1099 should be directed to your accountant and/or tax adviser.  Pet Emergency Education does not provide tax advice to any instructor/independent contractor. For more information go to
  • Once an individual joins Pet Emergency Education as an instructor they will be enrolled in the free online instructor’s Orientation program through CourseSites. The orientation will introduce the instructor to our class material, and provide the instructor with the guidance needed to function as a Pet CPR instructor. This orientation must be completed within 30 days of enrollment. The new instructor must complete all of the sections, provide all required signed paperwork and purchase their instructor’s kit (kits do not need to be purchased before starting the orientation program, however they must be purchased no later than 10-14 days after completing the orientation program) before they will be eligible to teach any classes. The orientation program takes on average 7-10 hours to complete, however the program does not need to be completed all at once. The instructor can login and out of the site as much as they need to in order to complete it within the 30 day period.
  • Instructors are required to complete the FEMA Animals in Disasters Certification Program. This is a free course that can be access through the orientation program.
  • Other benefits to being an instructor with our company includes further professional development, Webinars, etc and are provided to the instructor free of charge throughout the time they are affiliated with us. 
  • Instructors are asked to provide us with a 3-4 sentence minimum biography (written in third person) and a clear photograph to be displayed on our website for promotional reasons.
  • Instructors working under the educator’s contract are to teach exclusively to their students and/or staff at their school or organization.  Instructor will waive any compensation in exchange for teaching their students at a discounted rate.  Click here for more information about our educator’s program.
  • In addition to the successfully completing the Orientation Program, instructors must also complete the following:
    • Complete our electronic application which is accessed from our website
    • Provide a current resume outlining animal work experience
    • Signed W9 for tax purposes
    • Signed Policy Understanding and Independent Contractor agreement
    • Completed FEMA certification

If you would like to become a Pet CPR Instructor click here to fill out our online application