8/25/20 6:30-9:30pm K9WildAid+ Wilderness First Aid for Dogs Certification Class Annville, PA


Wilderness First Aid for Dogs Certification Class

Hosted by Special Unit 66 Search and Rescue

 700 West Main Street Annville, PA

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Add a Deluxe 60pc Veterinary Approved Pet First Aid Kit to your Registration for an additional $49.95

This class focuses on wilderness first aid which is the management of medical emergencies in remote areas, on the trail hiking, camping, participating in water activity and more. This class is designed to teach the active dog owner, outdoorsman and animal professional how to administer emergency first aid to a dog until veterinary care is ascertained. 
Registration fee is $69.95 per person and includes an interactive full color E-Book,Please note that the Wilderness First Aid for Dogs Reference Guide only comes in an ebook version at this time. It is not available as a printed manual.  You may purchase a printed copy of our Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid Reference Guide if you choose which contains some similar material. ($24.95) Preregistration ends 7 days prior to the class. A $5 late fee will be charged on any registrations received after the preregistration date. Also any individuals registering after the preregistration date also WILL NOT  receive their cards, certificates nor any retail at the class.  Their materials will be mailed out to them within 5-7 business days after the class is held.


Registration Includes: 2 CPR certification wallet cards, An official certificate, a 2 year subscription to our online Animal Emergency Resource Center, your choice of the 90 page full color class manual either as an Ebook (View Only/Cannot be Printed) the wilderness manual does not come in a printed version however you may purchase a printed copy of our Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid Reference Guide which contains similar material (additional $24.95), businesses, organizations and groups may request a professional, frameable certificate and window decal, to hang in their place of business to promote that their staff/members are certified.

Class Description

The Wilderness First Aid for Dogs course is for outdoor enthusiasts who like to take their dogs on their adventures where access to emergency veterinary care is unavailable.  Learn to help increase your dog’s chance of survival and/or prevent their medical emergencies from getting worse by knowing what to do when emergencies happen during outdoor activities.  This is a comprehensive detailed program that focuses on wilderness first aid and the management of medical emergencies that can happen to your dog in remote areas, trail hiking, camping, water activities and more. Topics to be discussed include: how to perform emergency triage on your dog, safely transport injured animals to veterinary care from remote locations, how to obtain vital signs, determine normal vs abnormal readings, materials in a canine wilderness first aid kit and what each is used for, how to manage medical emergencies such as wounds, fractures, heat stroke, snake bites, burns, choking and more.  Participants will participate in a fun hands on workshop during the class learning how to apply an emergency muzzle and leg splints on dogs.  Each participant will receive a copy of our 90+ page reference guide as an e-book, 2 certification wallet cards, an official certificate and a 2yr subscription to our online resource center.  


*This class will certify the participant in Wilderness First Aid for Dogs*. The skills and topics covered in this class include:

  • How to perform emergency triage and assess if a dog is experiencing a life threatening medical emergency
  • How to restrain and properly transport injured animals, how to provide emergency first aid to dogs and cats en-route to veterinary care, how to take vital signs (temperature, pulse, respiration, CRT) and determine normal vs abnormal readings
  • Learn about the importance of the pet first aid kit and how to use the materials in it during an emergency in remote areas, on trails, in the water and more.
  • How to manage and provide first aid for many common medical emergencies such as severe wounds,  lacerations, fractures, heat stroke, snake bites, poisoning, burns, choking and many other conditions.
  • How to performing the most current industry standard method of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation on dogs

Member of the Wilderness Education Association

This class awards 3 Professional CEUs in jurisdictions that recognize such training.

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