Save the Paws Paw Wax 100% All Natural


Protect Your Dog’s Paws

Conditions and Moisturizes

100% All Natural and Organic




Save the Paws Paw Wax is 100% all natural and all organic.  Wax provides the ultimate paw protection in any season. Your pup will be able to walk without hurting his paws on icy or hot sidewalks, sandy beaches, hard pavement or snow-filled walkways. Protects from harmful substances on the ground such as salt, ice melt, etc.  It forms a breathable, dense barrier to protect your dog’s paws from the elements in even the most extreme weather and ground conditions. That means no more irritating sand, ice or snow between the paws or stuck to the furry paw pads. This moisturizing formula is a blend of 100% pure natural waxes, including beeswax and Calendula Oil that not only protects but also soothes cracked pads and paws. DOES NOT contain Parabens such as candle wax or Paraffin wax.  These ingredients are highly toxic to dogs and found in many national brands.