Pet Emergency Education Certification Programs

Pet Emergency Education offers five certification classes; PetCPR+, PetCPR+ Advanced, Wilderness First Aid for Dogs, PetCPR+ for Groomers and EquiAid. 

Our animal CPR program is based on the most current method of animal CPR called the RECOVER Initiative which was developed by emergency veterinarians.

Any instructor wishing to teach one of our other classes simply needs to email our office and let them know so we can add you to the list of instructors for that program.

  • PetCPR+ CPR Certification class is our most popular class and available to anyone who loves animals and was the course presented in your training. All instructors are required to teach this program.
  • PetCPR+ Advanced is a more advanced medical emergency class designed for veterinary professionals. Only credentialed veterinary technicians and licensed veterinarians are allowed to teach this advanced class. 
  • EquiAid is a basic equine first aid course for horse owners and equine professionals. Any instructor who has extensive experience with horses is eligible to teach this class. 
  • K9WildAid+ Wilderness First Aid for Dogs class focuses on wilderness first aid which is the management of medical emergencies in remote areas, on the trail hiking, camping, participating in water activity and more.  This class is designed to teach the active dog owner, outdoorsman and animal professional how to administer emergency CPR and first aid to a dog until veterinary care is ascertained. This class is very similar to our PetCPR+ class and therefore most instructors are able to teach this class. 
  • Pet CPR+ for Groomers can be taught by any instructor and is only a slightly different class than our traditional PetCPR+ class.