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Our Pet CPR+ Certification Program is Now Internationally Recognized and Rapidly Becoming the Premiere Pet CPR Training Program for Animal and Veterinary Professionals as well as Pet Parents and Animal Lovers Everywhere! 

We also offer an Advanced PetCPR+ class for veterinary professionals and an EquiAid Equine First Aid class for horse enthusiasts!

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All classes are 3 hours in duration, standard registration fee is $69.95 per person, all registrations come with: 

2 wallet cards, an official certificate, a 2 year subscription to our online Animal Emergency Resource Center, and an Ebook (view only, cannot be printed) of our 88 page full color class reference guide*.  Printed copies of the book may also be purchased for an additional  $24.95.   Businesses, organizations and other groups may request a professional, frameable certificate and window decal, to hang in their place of business to promote that their staff/members have been trained in animal CPR and first aid.

Our certifications are recognized by local and national animal and veterinary organizations, employers, animal welfare organizations, disaster response teams and more.

Our classes are approved to provide continuing education to the following organizations

3 CEU to Veterinary professionals (click here for our continuing education policy for veterinarians and veterinary technicians)

3.5 CEU to Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers Dog Trainers

3.5 CEU to members of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

3 CEU to members of the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors

3 CEU to members of Pet Sitters International

We are proud to offer the low registration fees for our classes.  If you find a lower price we will match it!  Click Here for details


This is an awesome class for anyone who is in an animal profession.  Groomers, pet sitters, veterinary technicians, veterinary students, shelter/rescue employees and pet parents too!  I have taken this course and I highly recommend it to ANYONE. ~Jennifer Hampton, Huntingdon, PA


I thoroughly enjoyed the class. It was the best pet emergency training I’ve ever attended. Amy is a super presenter and this is coming from someone who has difficulty keeping focused and interested in an hour or more.  It was easy to follow and retain. ~ Nancy H. Colorado Springs, CO


Absolutely loved taking this class! Our instructor (Amy) obviously knew what she was talking about, and we could all tell how passionate she is about making sure our furry friends are just as protected as the rest of us in emergency situations. I definitely recommend! So glad I did it. ~ Marissa W. Denver, CO


The instructor was informed and organized. Personal anecdotes as referring to her duties as a tech were helpful. She was willing to answer all of our questions during and post-session. ~ Heidi M. Fresno, CA


The class was fun and educational.  Thank you.  I feel much more prepared for potential emergencies that I may be witness to~ Disco Dogs Englewood, CO


I really enjoyed the class.  Tim was excellent and I learned so much because even after years of living with dogs, I really hadn’t known what I would do in an emergency.  Now I feel like I have a beginning knowledge of what to do if that should ever happen.  I have to say also that the people in the class were very informative because most of them were CVTs or in vet school and I learned just from their questions or answers. ~ Jim A. Green Bay, WI


Joe was very informative and answered LOTS of questions during the class patiently and knowledgeably.  He was a really good instructor! ~ Sarah D. Barks and Blooms Balitmore, MD


Amy and Greg D’Andrea provide a fantastic service for people who care for and love animals! ~ Amanda R. Smithfield, RI

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Class Details

The animal CPR training that we provide is based on the methods developed by emergency veterinarians, industry professionals and colleges of veterinary medicine.  These methods are believed to be the most successful.  The curriculum for all of our classes has been developed by credentialed veteirnary technicians and licensed veterinarians meeting industry standards of animal emergency care.

The PetCPR+ and PetCPR+ Advanced classes certify an individual in Pet CPR and First Aid and provides them the knowledge to perform said skills in managing a medical emergency involving an animal.  These classes in NO WAY qualify an individual to teach Pet CPR, First Aid or any other emergency skill as an instructor.  It also does not replace veterinary care nor does it replace the advice of your licensed veterinarian. 

If you wish to teach Pet CPR, first aid and emergency training you may apply to become an instructor at this link.

Children 12 years of age and older are welcome to attend any of our classes.  

*Ebooks are “View Only” and cannot be downloaded nor printed*
A link to Access 
the Ebook can be found in the “order confirmation email”.  The order confirmation email will be sent soon after a class registration is purchased.

Printed manuals, first aid kits, and other retails items may be purchased with your registration and will be distributed at the class when you arrive.

It is important to enter your NAME as you want it to appear on your CPR cards and Certificate in the designated box at checkout.  If you are registering more than one person please make sure to provide the additional names AND their email addresses upon checkout so that they may receive their cards/certificates as well.
We strongly suggest that participants bring their own stuffed animal to use in the class however it is not required

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If you are unable to register here online you may CLICK HERE to download, print and mail this registration form to our office.  Please be advised that mail in registrations take much longer to process therefore the participant may not receive their materials in time for their class.

If you do not see a class listed in your area, check back frequently as we add new classes all the time or register for one of our online certification courses! Click Here for more information

If you are able to host a class visit our host a class page and sign up today!

Renewal Policy

Our certification is valid for 2 years
To become re-certified a class participant must attend any Pet CPR certification class either in person or online prior to their certification expiring
We update our programs regularly therefore anyone attending a future class will receive the most updated and current material about animal CPR.
We DO NOT believe that Pet CPR training is “good for life”.  The information about the best methods to use when performing animal CPR is always being studied, researched and improved by veterinary professionals.  For this reason we pledge to deliver the most up to date and current methods to our class participants.