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Tuesday January 31, 2023

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Learn about our 

Student Discount Training and Certification Programs for Animal and Veterinary Science Students

Animal and Veterinary Industry Recognized Certifications

Educational institutions are eligible to train and certify their students through our internationally recognized pet CPR and animal emergency certification programs at an exceptional value.

This will provide students with numerous benefits as they progress through their education and future careers.

Provides students with the necessary knowledge of how to respond to medical emergencies that animals may encounter, as endorsed and approved by the veterinary industry.

Awards students with a recognized, credible certification that can be used on college applications, employment resumes, volunteer opportunities, and more.

6 certification programs to choose from:

  • Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid
  • Canine and Feline CPR and Advanced Life Support
  • Equine Emergency First Aid
  • Livestock Emergency First Aid (coming soon)
  • Canine Wilderness Emergency First Aid
  • Reptile, Avian and Small Mammal First Aid

Two options for student training:

In Classroom

Faculty may teach our certification programs to their students live in the classroom as part of the school’s curriculum. Pet Emergency Education offers complimentary animal first aid instructor training to faculty of schools that sign up to offer our programs to their students. Faculty become certified instructors with our company.

On-Demand Virtual

Educational institutions may choose to have their students complete the training virtually through one of our on-demand courses at Academy courses are asynchronous and perfect for schools and students that participate in hybrid schooling, homeschooling, or for institutions that prefer virtual training over in-classroom training.