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Why Do Cats Hide?

Have you ever called your cat only to find her pop out of some unexpected place? Maybe you went looking for her and couldn’t find her anywhere and wondered where she might have hidden. Cats love to hide both indoors and outdoors, but why is that? Photo by Kazuky Akayashi on Unsplash Kitties aren’t always super social Cats can be social creatures, but they also like time to themselves. They can feel overwhelmed if they are constantly around other animals or people. They often need time alone to sleep, clean themselves or simply de-stress.  Your cat probably loves you to pieces, especially if you areRead More →

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How To Keep a Senior Cat Healthy & Mentally Sharp

As your cat grows older, it will not just age physically, but mentally as well. You know that keeping your cat active is a good way to keep its body in good shape and to ensure mobility and flexibility in its older years, but what do you need to do in order to keep your pet’s brain healthy and active?  Here we want to give some advice on a few ways you can encourage mental acuity and keep your cat’s brain young to help it have the best, fullest life possible. Be aware of the signs of an aging brain Your cat may exhibit symptomsRead More →

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