Become a pet cpr and emergency first aid instructor

Pet Emergency Education is proud to have only experienced animal, veterinary and emergency trained professionals teaching our Pet CPR, First Aid and Animal Emergency Classes

Instructor Training is FREE and All Online*

Instructors are hired as 1099 independent contractors

Instructors have 3 ways they are able to make money with us;

1. Teach in person pet CPR and first aid classes and be compensated $20 for each person attending their class.

2. Participate in our online/virtual course referral program earning money each time someone purchases an online course that is referred by the instructor. 

3. Sell our company designed pet first aid kits and supplies to consumers in their area and earn a profit for each item sold.

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We want to make sure every class participant feels that they have gained a high quality educational experience from an emergency specialist.  Instructors must be an experienced animal, veterinary professional or be a first responder with emergency experience.

FREE SHIPPING for a limited time

Instructor Kits Include:

  • Comprehensive 10 hour online instructor training and orientation program which awards an internationally recognized instructor certification (valid to teach anywhere in the world). Must be completed in 30 days.
  • Golden Retriever Stuffed Model (Basic Kit) or Professional CasPeR Canine Mannequin w/pulse simulator and inflatable lungs (Deluxe Kit)
  • Cat Stuffed model
  • Husky Stuffed model
  • Bulldog Stuffed model
  • Projection Device AV Projector (1500 lumen bightness for basic kit/2000 lumen brightness for deluxe kit), projects PP presentation on a flat, light colored surface.  
  • 3’x2′ promotional display banner
  • 25 Promo cards (Basic Kit) or 50 promotional cards (Deluxe Kit)
  • Copy of the PetCPR+ Class Teaching PowerPoint presentation
  • Printed copy of our 90+ page full color class reference guide 
  • Unlimited access to our Instructor Portal
  • Unlimited access to the Pet Emergency Education Online Resource Center
  • Lifetime instructor membership (as long as actively teaching with our company)
  • Unlimited access to additional training and instructor professional development webinars
  • All updated future PowerPoints, additional programs and E-books provided free of charge
  • Registration into our class referral program to match classes with instructors in their area

Benefits of working with our company as opposed to a competitor:

    • Extensive Advertising and Marketing Assistance to find and promote classes including email and fax blasts to your local area at no additional charge
    • Strong presence on social media and promotion of the instructor’s classes on social media
    • Full service office staff available for instructors’ needs
    • Professional website for hosting registration pages, information and increases credibility
    • No membership fees ever
    • We provide all books, cards and certificates directly to the instructor or class participants, relieving any additional expense to the instructor
    • Discounts and promotions offered by our company directly to class participants and hosts never affect the instructor’s compensation
    • Eligibility to teach through our shelter/rescue fundraising program
    • All class and program credentials, approvals and national accreditations provided by our company
    • All continuing education approvals and credits will be awarded for instructors classes at no cost to the instructor
    • Instructors benefit from having their classes nationally recognized by some of the most reputable veterinary and animal professional organizations in the country
    • We are happy to put you in contact with one of our current instructors if you would like a reference for our company. 
    • Instructor referral program for online courses

*NO upfront costs, Instructor Kit Fee is due by the end of the training.  Instructor supplies and materials are shipped once payment is received.

Instructors are paid $20 per person in the classes they teach. Classes average 8-15 people.

Become a Senior Instructor

Instructors who have been active with Pet Emergency Education for at least 12 consecutive months, have taught at least 20 classes and have received favorable feedback and survey reviews may apply to become a “Senior Instructor”. Senior instructors receive a complimentary, personalized “Senior Instructor” t-shirt and a unique badge logo that they can use for promotional purposes and which will be placed on their class registration pages.  They will also receive an additional $5 per paid participant, and will be looked to as a “mentor” for new instructors. 

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*International instructors outside the US and Canada fall into our international foreign teaching program. This program functions different than our US program. Click Here for more information.

*See instructor contract for complete program requirements.

Individuals looking to teach classes outside the United States will need to contact our office for our international instructor guidelines and application.