Pet Emergency Education is proud to work with Pet Emergency Academy, which offers comprehensive training packages and resources for children, teens and young adults

Resources for Children Ages 8-11

Pet First Aid Adventures

This educational package is a comprehensive teaching package for children ages 8-11, combining education with fun. It includes a textbook, activity book, and facilitator’s guide, all designed to engage young learners in pet safety and first aid. This set of resources aims to empower the next generation of pet lovers with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure the well-being of pets. Available for purchase at $39.95, it’s an investment in both your child’s future and the safety of pets. 

Empower Children to Save Pets!

Pet First Aid Course designed specifically for kids aged 8-11. This engaging, one-hour, self-paced online course is filled with interactive lessons, colorful animations, and essential first-aid techniques. Tailored to young minds, it teaches children how to handle pet emergencies safely and effectively, including basic wound care and recognizing when an animal needs help. Each participant receives a certificate of completion, instilling confidence and responsibility toward pet care. Enroll now and nurture a lifelong bond between your child and their furry friends!

This concise description introduces the course’s main features and benefits while directing potential customers to the Pet Emergency Academy website for further details and enrollment.

Course Registration Fee- $19.95

Resources for Middle and High School Students


For high school and college students looking to enhance their pet care skills, the Independent Study Self-Paced Course

This program allows students to choose from a range of certification courses covering pet CPR and first aid, advanced life support, and more for various animals. The course is designed for both those without access to animal science programs and homeschool students, providing comprehensive training at a discounted rate. 

The Ultimate Pet CPR and First Aid High School Student Training Package

Offers comprehensive tools and knowledge for high school students interested in pet health and emergency care. It includes an interactive virtual course, a deluxe first aid kit, and a full-color reference guide, aiming to prepare students for a variety of pet emergencies with confidence. This all-in-one package is perfect for young animal lovers seeking to enhance their pet care skills.

The Equine First Aid High School Student Deluxe Certification and Training Package

A comprehensive program designed for teenagers passionate about horses. It includes an on-demand course covering emergency situations, a meticulously assembled first aid kit tailored for equine care, and a full-color reference guide for managing equine health emergencies. This package is developed by veterinary professionals and provides valuable knowledge for handling equine emergencies confidently.