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Host a class at your location or for your group

Thousand of people participate in our animal emergency training programs each year!

Choose from our PetCPR+ Certification, PetCPR+ Advanced Certification for Veterinary Professionals, and our EquiAid Emergency First Aid for Horses Training Classes*

Click Here to see a detailed description of each of our classes

Classes are all 3 hours long and can be hosted as either a public or private class

In exchange for hosting one of our certification classes businesses/organizations receive the following:
One complimentary registration for classes of 8 or more paid participants
One printed copy of our 6×9″ 88 page full color class reference guide.
Your business/organization will be promoted throughout all registration pages, flyers, social media and other marketing material for the class.
This includes your logo prominently displayed on all marketing media and our website, link to your website and/or facebook page from our pages, your business/organization featured in our monthly e-newsletter which is circulated to thousands of pet businesses, shelters, rescues, and veterinary and animal professionals in your area.

Classes require a minimum of 6 or more paid participants

The standard registration fee per person is $69.95 which includes a copy of our 88 page full color class Ebook (View Only, cannot be printed), 2 personalized CPR certification wallet cards (Equine Emergency First Aid cards for the EquiAid class), an official certificate and a 2 year subscription to our online Animal Emergency Resource Center.  Participants may choose to purchase a printed copy of the book for an additional $24.95.

Businesses, organizations and veterinary facilities may request a professional, frameable certificate and window decal to hang in their lobby which indicates that they and/or their staff are certified.

We Ask the Host Facility to Provide the Following:

Ample space for all participants to sit comfortably (we ask that you provide chairs/seating however if you do not have enough chairs we can notify participants to bring their own chairs) A table for the instructor to set up on, a blank wall to project our presentation on and an electrical supply for equipment.

If you are interested in hosting a class please read through our host guidelines at the bottom of this page and then fill out and submit the class request form Below

Private Classes

Facilities may book a private class for their own staff, clients, volunteers, etc.
Minimum of 6 paid participants (there is no maximum as long as you have the space)*

Registration Process for Private Classes: The first step is to fill out the form below to request a class.  Once the class is scheduled we will contact the person listed on your request form to arrange registration and payment for all your participants. Payment and names must be received 5 or more business days prior to the class so that the participants will have their cards/certificates, any printed books and retail items available at the class. Names and payment received within 4 business days or less of the class will have their materials sent after the class. 

Payment for Private Classes: We will provide a private registration and payment link to the contact email for your group upon booking the class.  This link is used  to register all of your participants and pay their registration fees. Hosts wishing to pay by check must notify us upon booking the class. The check must be received by our office at least 14 days prior to the class.  This allows time for mail delays and processing/deposit times for the check to clear.  Classes must be paid in full with a completed registration form or will be subject to cancellation.   If each participant will be registering and paying for themselves then we will provide a private link on our website in order for them to register directly through our office

Public Classes

Facilities and groups may book a class that is open to the public.  This includes regular classes as well as fundraiser classes for rescues and shelters

We will help you advertise through social media, local animal businesses, veterinary hospitals, etc. in order to help you fill your class.  We do require a minimum of 6 paid participants for the class to be held however do not worry if you do not have enough participants to start with. We will help you fill the class! (there is no maximum as long as you have the space.  Please indicate your maximum room size when booking your class.)

Registration Process for Public Classes: Once you have filled out the form below to request a class we will put a registration page up on our website so that attendees may register directly through us.  Our company offers assistance with advertising and marketing classes in the hopes of successfully filling the class with participants. We will provide links to the registration page, the facebook event for your class as well as a flyer to be distributed to your community.  It is expected that hosts will actively help promote their class to their clients, customers and community.

Payment for Public Classes: Participants will be able to register directly on our website with a debit/credit card.  There is also the option on our registration page for a participant to print a paper registration form to mail into us with a check.  Checks must clear before a participant will be allowed to attend the class so please be sure to mail the check to be received at least one week prior to the class.

Request to Host a Class

Fill out the form below with the necessary information and someone from our office will contact you shortly

Public classes must be booked at least 4 weeks out. Private classes can be booked as soon as 2 weeks as long as an instructor is available.
For public classes, this is the number we will set the registrations to stop. We can comfortably teach up to 30 people in a 3 hour period. If the class fills we will contact you to open a second session.
*Our Advanced, EquiAid and the Wilderness classes are available only in areas where we have specialty trained instructors. Please contact our office to inquire if it is offered near you.
Organizations hosting a fundraiser class must be a 501(c) charitable organization in order to receive fundraised funds. EIN # must be provided to verify charity status with the IRS. Fundraiser classes ARE NOT eligible for any other discounts or promotions. Complimentary host registrations ARE NOT awarded for a fundraiser class. Fundraisers are for organizations that benefit animals only. Non animal charities do not qualify.
Donation checks are made out to this name. Donation checks are mailed the first week of the month following the class.
Fundraised funds will not be given to the charity without an EIN#. Donations are only paid to charities that hold classes of 10 or more people and must benefit animals.
If you would like your business/organization promoted on all event marketing material please send a high quality JPG/PNG of your logo here. If no logo is provided we will use our generic logo on your event.

Host Policies

You do not need to have participants in order to book a class.  Our office will help promote and advertise the class in order to get enough people registered for it. Classes that are not at the 6 person minimum within 5 days of the scheduled class are subject to cancellation or rescheduling.*a qualifying class is one that has at least 8 full paid participants.

The standard price per person for our all of our classes is $69.95 per person which includes 2  wallet cards, an official certificate (if you are a veterinary professional, you will receive a certificate for 3 CEU, Professional Dog Trainers will receive 3.5 CEU, IAABC members receive 3.5 CEU, 3 CEU with NADOI and members of Pet Sitters International will receive 3 CEU), a 2 year subscription to our Online Animal Emergency Resource Center and a copy of our class textbook as an Ebook (View Only, cannot be printed).  Participants may choose to receive a printed copy of the book for an additional $24.95 per person.

Hosts of private and public classes understand  that they might receive one complimentary registration or a staff discount if they host a qualifying* class.  Qualifying class is 8 or more paid participants. Occasionally discounts are provided in certain circumstances however it is only at the discretion of the Pet Emergency Education, LLC management and are not guaranteed.

Discounts and/or promotions cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion at any time. This includes fundraiser classes and complimentary registrations. Complimentary registrations ARE NOT provided at fundraiser classes. Classes utilizing a discount, promotion or redeeming a coupon for their class will not be awarded a complimentary registration.
Shelters, Rescues and any other animal non profit organization may participate in our fundraiser program.  The charity must be a registered 501(c) non profit that benefits animals in order to qualify. The program awards 20% of the registration fees for classes of 10 or more participants donated back to the organization after the class is held.

In no way may anyone charge more than the fee set forth by Pet Emergency Education for any program. In no way may any entity benefit monetarily from any Pet Emergency Education class except fundraising programs organized prior to a class being held through our company.
*Classes being held as a fundraiser are not eligible for any other discounts or promotions.

Host Bonuses and registration discounts including  free registrations are not available for fundraiser classes
Contact us at any time for more information.

Facilities without the minimum of 6 participants can still book a class and we will help to promote and advertise the class to the animal/veterinary community and the public in order to fill the class.

For private classes, host facilities may choose to have their participants register directly through Pet Emergency Education, LLC on our website or the host may collect their own registrations/payments and submit one full payment to Pet Emergency Education, LLC at least 5 business days prior to the scheduled class date. Host may pay via invoice either through email or over the phone with a credit/debit card.  Check payments may also be used to pay for a class however checks must be mailed to our office and be cleared by our bank at least 5 business days prior to the scheduled class. Any check that is returned for any reason will be subject to a $25 fee.

Any names that are misspelled on a participant’s card/certificate due to the fault of the person and/or employer who submitted the name, a $3 reprint fee will be charged for a new card/certificate.


Special Criteria

The PetCPR+ Advanced Class may only be taught by instructors that are credentialed veterinary technicians or licensed veterinarians. Please check Our Instructors page for a list of  states with credentialed veterinary instructors.  Although our training is based on veterinary industry standard methods of animal CPR we are not in any way affiliated with the RECOVER Initiative and its independant training programs.

The EquiAid class is an indoor classroom style program that is not held outdoors or in a barn.  NO live horses are used in this class.