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by Author: Emma Williams Even though airports are much quieter than usual at the moment, dogs who need to fly will still feel stressed when exposed to the chaotic airport and flight atmosphere. However, not every flight has to turn into an anxiety attack, as there are nifty ways to help your pooch feel more relaxed when traveling in the air. Here are seven useful ways you can prepare your dog for all the restrictions and inconveniences you may encounter when flying.  Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash Avoid the commotion if possible Although it depends on the airline policy, there is a good chanceRead More →

by Leah Landau, Veterinary Technician at Massachusetts Veterinary Referral Hospital Pet owners, would you like to save $6000-$8,000 this year?Here are some dangers this holiday and how to keep your animals safe during the 4th: 1. They get hit by cars!Keep them in a bedroom if you have to! Dogs and cats get FREAKED out by the noises & vibrations of fireworks. If family members are strolling in and out of the house, it’s a great recipe for your pet to escape, whether they are in a panic or not. They never escape you say? Better be safe than sorry. 2. They get foreign objects lodgedRead More →

by Nicole McCray When was the last time you thought about your pet’s dental care? If you’re like most pet owners, it’s probably been a while, or maybe not at all. And, that’s a big mistake. Providing proper dental care for your pet is just as important for his overall health as exercise, nutrition, and regular veterinary care. Why Dental Care is so Important for Your Pet’s Overall Health Just like us, periodontal disease in pets occurs when bacteria, plaque, and tartar accumulate on the teeth and become trapped beneath the gum line. This condition can be extremely painful for your pet. If left untreated,Read More →

For some of the greatest joy, love, and compassion known to mankind, look no further than Man’s Best Friend. Dogs don’t care whether you’re rich or poor, have had the best day of your life or one of the worst — they love you just the same. The unconditional love that our dogs show us is nothing short of inspirational, which is what makes it all the more important to inspire ourselves to care for them as best as possible. That includes taking care of them when they need help most. It’s easy to love someone when everything is going great. It is when adversityRead More →