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The Pet Emergency Education training and orientation program offers a detailed and self-paced course designed for animal professionals aiming to become certified in animal emergency first aid and CPR instruction. This asynchronous, on-demand course spans approximately 10 hours, allowing trainees to log in and out at their convenience, though it must be completed within 30 days.

For optimal performance, we recommend using Google Chrome to access our courses. Other browsers like Safari, Microsoft Explorer, and Edge are compatible but may cause intermittent login issues.

Should you need more time to finish the course, a one-time extension of 7 days is available. Please send your extension request to, including your reason for the delay.

Course materials include videos, tutorials, readings, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, and a final exam. Each component must be reviewed thoroughly, as they form the basis of the assessments, including a cumulative final exam at the course’s end. Trainees must achieve a 100% score on each quiz and the final exam to pass successfully and receive their instructor certification.

Participants are allowed up to five attempts for each quiz and the final exam. Failure to pass the course will result in removal from the program, with the possibility to reapply after 90 days, although re-enrollment is not guaranteed. Modules must be completed sequentially, and all modules must be passed to access the final exam.

Extensions for completing this orientation can be requested by contacting the instructor training manager before the program’s end date. Please note that extensions are granted based on extenuating circumstances and are not guaranteed.

While the Instructor’s Kits are not initially required, participants must purchase their kit by Module 3 to qualify as an instructor and be eligible to teach.

Only certified instructors actively teaching with our company may use our materials, including PowerPoint presentations, curriculums, and logos. Unauthorized teaching or use of these materials will lead to legal consequences.

Upon completing the initial training, instructors can qualify to teach four additional specialty courses, however instructors must have extensive experience in these subject areas:

  1. EquiAid: Emergency First Aid for Horses
  2. PetCPR+: Advanced CPR and Emergency Care for Veterinary Professionals
  3. PetCPR+: for Grooming Professionals

To instruct these courses, you must first complete the foundational training program and then access the necessary PowerPoints and e-books through the instructor portal, which becomes available upon graduation. Eligibility to teach these courses also requires relevant experience and qualifications in the specific subject matter.