Educator's Policies and Guidelines

Pet Emergency Education, LLC expects that their instructors, staff and volunteers will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Instructors agree to adhere to the following policies at all times while actively teaching Pet Emergency Education CPR, first aid and emergency classes. An institution may elect to have one of their faculty or staff trained to teach Pet Emergency Education certification programs to their students and/or staff; students/staff receive a discounted rate ($29.95) in lieu of compensation to the instructor, also alleviating any conflict of interest with the institution. Please review our policies:



  • Due to conflict of interest, instructors approved to teach in our educator’s program will not be able to be personally compensated by Pet Emergency Education for classes they teach to their students/staff. However, students/staff of the institution will be able to attend the class and become certified through Pet Emergency Education, LLC at a reduced cost of $29.95 (regular rate is $69.95). We reserve the right to raise the rate in the future and will provide ample notice should we do so. Instructors will register the students for the class (which can be taught throughout the semester), on the Student Registration Form (if school is providing payment) OR through a private payment link for the students to register and pay for themselves. Instructors are required to submit a completed roster with each participant’s signature within 48 hours after the class is held or students have completed the curriculum.
  • Instructor will be provided with a URL link for the Pet CPR E-book which they are then responsible for distributing to the students/staff. Links to access the E-book may be emailed directly to the students/staff by the instructor or distributed by the instructor in whichever means they feel comfortable with. E-books are PDF files and cannot be printed and cannot be distributed in any other matter nor for any other class, event or function. This is for copyright reasons. Printed books are available for purchase by the institution for $24.95 each.

Instructors enrolled in our educator’s program who wish to teach to the public

  • Instructors that are educators may also choose to teach Pet Emergency Education, LLC certification classes to the public and/or animal community independent of their educational institution for monetary compensation. If the instructor chooses to do so, they must additionally sign up for our full active instructor program. There is also a separate contract to be signed which is for independent contractors. This agreement will allow for monetary compensation for public/private classes outside of the educational institution.
  • For paid instructors: Instructors are not employees and must never imply that they are. Instructors are independent contractors and must fill out the W9 to be compensated. As an independent contractor you will be responsible for your own taxes. Pet Emergency Education, LLC will issue a 1099 for each instructor at the end of the year; that will be mailed to you for your use for tax purposes. For more information go to


  • Once an individual joins Pet Emergency Education as an instructor they will be enrolled in the free online instructor’s Orientation program through (a Blackboard company). This program must be completed within 30 days of enrollment. The new instructor must complete all of the program, provide a signed copy of this agreement.  If there are more than one instructors that will be teaching our program at the same school, they must each sign their own contract agreement. Also, instructors must acquire materials and/or purchase their instructor’s kit before they will be eligible to teach any classes. The orientation program takes on average 7-10 hours to complete, however the program does not need to be completed all at once. The instructor can login and out of the program as often as needed to in order to complete it within the 30-day period. Instructors must receive a passing grade on all quizzes and assessments in order to be eligible to teach our programs.

Class Guidelines

  • All students must be registered prior to being taught the class.  Faculty will register students by entering their name and email address on the registration spreadsheet provided by our company. The completed spreadsheet is then emailed to our office at at least 7 days prior to teaching the students the material.  We will then create the students’ custom cards and certificates and mail them to the instructor to be distributed at the certification class.  We will also email the instructor and/or the designated administrative representative at the institution an invoice for the total number of students.  Payment can be made either by credit/debit card or check mailed to the company address on the invoice. Pet Emergency Education is happy to provide a W9 or any other documentation that they school administration may require to facilitate payment. Payment is due within 30 of receipt of invoice. Students may not receive a card/certificate until they have completed the training. If the instructor is unable to provide the names of the participants 7 days prior to teaching the class, we will mail the cards and certificates to the instructor or representative of the institution after the class has been completed for distribution.
  • Signed rosters must be kept by the instructor and sent to our office after the students complete the training.  A roster template will be provided to the instructor to be used to validate certification. Instructor must type each student’s name and email address on the roster in the designated columns and make sure each student signs the roster in front of their name with a full signature.  This is for validation reasons proving that the student attended and participated in the training. Signed rosters are then scanned and must be emailed to our office within 72 hours after the training has been completed where it will be kept on file.
  • If an instructor moves or changes their address or changes employment with the school, they are required to notify Pet Emergency Education immediately providing the new shipping information to us through email. Any instructor that does not update their mailing address causing materials and supplies to be send to an incorrect or old address will be responsible for the shipping costs and any loss or damage to supplies incurred.
  • Instructors will teach using the Pet Emergency Education PowerPoint and lesson plans provided through the Instructor Portal. Instructors are encouraged to add their own “spin” on their classes and may change and/or add pictures as long as the instructor has ownership and/or legal copyright approval for any pictures displayed in the presentation, however nothing may be removed from the presentation.
  • The program is designed to be approximately three hours of material. Instructors teaching in an educational facility may choose to break the information up between multiple class meetings. Distribution of the material is at the discretion of the instructors however students are not allowed to receive their certification cards and certificates until all material is completed and students have been “tested” and passed the CPR portion.
  • In order to become certified, each student/staff must complete the entire program and demonstrate the steps  to

performing CPR on the mannequin from start to finish accurately. At no time should a participant who has not completed all of the PetCPR+ program receive a certification card. If a student’s name is misspelled or incorrect on a card at the fault of the person submitting the registration page or payment link, a $3 reprint fee will be charged in order to receive a new card and certificate.