Frequently Asked Questions for Educators

Will my students receive a certification? 

       Yes, all students will receive an internationally recognized and approved certification.

Can I teach coworkers/friends or hold a class open to the public?

  • No, the student discount program restricts educators to only teaching their students. Instructors that wish to teach to the public outside of their school may apply to our full active instructor program to do so. Click here for more information. 

What types of payment do you accept?

       We accept purchase orders, credit/debit cards, and ACH direct debit, Apple, and Google Pay.

What happens if my school will not pay for my students? Can the student or parent/guardian pay for the student’s registration?

  • Yes of course. We can provide a payment link to the faculty/school to be given to students or parents/guardians to pay for their registration directly. 

How often do I have to hold a class?

  • We do not have a minimum or maximum class requirement.

What does a student receive with their registration?

  •  Each student receives an eBook reference guide, an official certificate, and a two-year subscription to our animal resource center.

If I am teaching to my students in my classroom what type of equipment and supplies do I need?

  • For schools teaching pet CPR training it is strongly recommended that the school have at least 1 animal CPR mannequin, a variety of dog and cat stuffed animals of various sizes, and a pet first aid kit. For other training programs such as equine, livestock, and exotic pets, schools must have adequate supplies to teach the required skills such as demonstration models, bandage material, and first aid kit supplies. 

What happens if I cannot provide students’ emails due to our school’s privacy policy and/or parents restricting access to their child’s information?

  • For in-person classes that is not a problem. In cases where student emails cannot be provided we will issue a random numerical identifier to the students and your faculty “group leader” will be responsible for logging in and downloading all of your students’ certificates. 
  • For on-demand classes, we would not be able to give an online account to a student without an email address. 
  • Please be aware that students that do not have their own email addresses will not be able to log into their accounts to access any of their resources. 

How do I enroll my school to offer this training to my students?

  • On our website go to the Student Discount page and fill out the enrollment form at the bottom of the page. Someone from our office will contact you to finish setting up your account with us.

How do I become certified as a Pet CPR and First Aid Instructor?

  • Once you have enrolled your school in our program, we will enroll your faculty in our free online on-demand training program. The online instructor training is asynchronous and takes approximately 6 hours to complete, however, the instructor has 30 days to complete the program.

How long is the class that is taught to the students?

  • The class is 3 contact hours. If you are teaching in the classroom you can teach the content all at once or break the material up to match your established curriculum. Students become certified after they learn all of the material, get tested by their instructor, and the certification verification is provided to our office.

If we use the on-demand academy course to train our students, how will I know that they are taking and passing the course?

  • A faculty member from your school will receive a “group leader” account on our on-demand academy website where they can view all of their students’ grade books.

How do students get “tested” on the material in order to become certified?

  • All students must demonstrate proficiency in the content matter. Our company leaves it up to the faculty to assess the students. Students must pass a skills demonstration or written test or both in order to become certified.

How long is the certification valid and does it need to be renewed?