Fundraising program

Pet Emergency Education will donate a portion of the registration fees for a qualifying class. See details below.

Host a qualifying Pet CPR and First Aid Certification class and earn money for your favorite animal shelter, rescue or charitable organization that benefits animals

Pet Emergency Education will donate a portion of the proceeds from a Pet CPR and First Aid Certification class hosted by or on behalf of a qualified animal charity.

Classes can be held in any location including shelters, conference rooms, classrooms, waiting rooms, and more.

We bring all of our own equipment and supplies.


*Charitable organizations must be a registered 501(c)3 non profit charitable organization with the IRS
Click here to search for IRS registered 501(c)3 charitable organizations

Fundraiser Class Policies:

No other discounts or promotions will be allowed to be used with a class that is designated as a fundraiser. This includes complimentary host registrations which will not be given out at a fundraiser class. All participants must pay full price.

Donation is paid out as follows:

10% of the registration fee of $69.95 per person is paid to the charity for a class that has 10-19 paid people attending.

20% of the registration fees is paid to the charity for a class that has 20+ paid people. (Class maximum is 25-30 depending on space and instructor)

The donation will be awarded on registration fees only and does not include any retail items purchased by class participants

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Charities receive a percentage of the base registration fee only ($69.95).  Any retail items including but not limited to first aid kits, books, etc sold to participants are not eligible for donations.  Charities receive a 10% donation for classes of 10-19 people and 20% donation for 20 or more people. Fundraised money is sent in the form of a check, directly to the charity at the address provided in the Request a Class form that you or your representative filled out to request this class be set up with us.  The check is made out to the charity as the name is stated on the Request a Class form and mailed the first week of the following month after the class is held.