Become a Certified Instructor in our International Instructor Program

Pet Emergency Education certification and training is now available in other countries outside the US. Foreign instructors would need to obtain a required list of equipment such as your dog CPR mannequins and projector. Most can be purchases affordably on Amazon and shipped to your country. Due to customs and shipping charges we are unable to send anything from our company outside the US. We supply digital files such as the teaching PowerPoint, ebook, and templates for cards and certificates to be printed by you before a class for your participants. Our training to become a certified instructor is online and it is free of charge. We only charge a $150 fee (US) for the digital teaching materials listed and your active instructor membership. 

Classes are coordinated through our company and communications and transactions are all conducted virtually.  All financial transactions are paid, including instructor compensation is done through paypal with appropriate currency exchange in your country’s currency. Participants for your classes pay us directly through our website, also in their currency. Instructor would have a professional registration page on our website and receive free email and social media advertising from our marketing team.  All classes are currently only available in English therefore if you need to present them in another language the instructor would be responsible for translating all of the material. We currently do not have the ability to translate all of our documents other than using google translate, which often does not translate with the appropriate grammar and dialect.  Also if you want us to send out advertisements in your country in a language other than english you would need to provide us with translation. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

If you would like to apply to become an instructor please apply at the link below