*NEW Edition* 60+ pc Deluxe Custom Pet First Aid Kit (Veterinary Approved)- $49.95


Introducing our new 2020 Edition


Veterinary Approved for dogs, cats and small animals

Water Resistant Case

Durable Shell

Floats in Water

Portable with multiple compartments for maximum storage

Fully stocked with first aid items design specifically for animals not humans!


Our Deluxe Pet First Aid Kit is essential for every pet owner, animal professional and first responder.  Nice durable, waterproof case is handy for home use, in the car, camping, pet business and more.  It can be used for common medical emergencies that affect dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets including wounds, bites, poisonings, etc.


Kit Includes:

  • Durable water resistant case
  • Veterinary Thermometer specifically designed for animals (Flex tip for safety, longer sensor for more accurate reading)
  • Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors
  • Stainless Steel Forceps
  • Blood Clotting Stick
  • CPR Barrier Mask for dogs and cats
  • Pair of Disposable Gloves
  • 2 Splints
  • Emergency Whistle
  • 8 Packets of Iodine Disinfectant
  • 8 2×2″ Sterile Gauze Squares
  • 4 4×4 Sterile Gauze Squares
  • 10 Cotton Balls
  • Emergency Leash
  • 2 Rolls of 2″ Rolled Conform Bandage
  • 1 Roll of Porous Medical Tape
  • 1 Roll of Adhesive Bandage
  • Thermal Survival Blanket
  • Collapsible Water Bowl with Carabiner
  • 5 mL Oral Dosing Syringe
  • Ice Pack
  • 10 Cotton Swabs
  • Pet First Aid Tip Guide