Pet Emergency Education Private Class Registration Page



If at any time you need assistance registering your group for your class please call 844-PET-CPR9 and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.

Steps to Register Your Group

Click Here to download the Registration Template


Filling out the form incorrectly may result in delayed processing of your registrations or inaccurate information being displayed on your participants certificates. 

How to Fill Out the Spreadsheet: It is important that you enter all of the necessary information such as first name, last name and email address for each participant in the specific designated columns on this form. Any information provided incorrectly will cause a delay in the processing of your registrations. Also you are responsible for the correct spelling of each of your participants’ information. Names are entered on the cards and certificates exactly as you provide them to us as the spreadsheet is directly downloaded to our database as is. If you have 8 or more paid participants then you will receive one complimentary registration.  Please indicate whom on your spreadsheet will be receiving the complimentary registration and do not include payment for that person. 

Submitting the Spreadsheet and Payment: After you have completed the spreadsheet you will be prompted in the checkout page to upload your spreadsheet. The spreadsheet must be uploaded as an .xls or .csv file. No other file formats will be accepted.  You will then enter all of your other information and your credit card information to pay. 

Next, enter the total quantity and type of registrations your are paying for (ie. ebook only, printed book, etc) and add to cart. Continue to the cart page to complete your transaction.

Everyone registered for one of our classes receives a complimentary eBook. A link to the eBook will be on your “Thank you for your order” page that you will be directed to immediately after payment for the class. Please make sure to book mark the eBook link as you will not receive the link again prior to the class. If you register more than one person for the class it is your responsibility to forward this link to them. We do not email eBook links.
**Please be aware** Certificates, eBooks and Animal Resource Center are delivered in your secure account on our website. Accounts are activated AFTER the class is held.
We must verify your attendance in the class and that you passed the Pet CPR testing in the class before we will give out certificates. View tutorial below to see how to access your account.
Click Here to View Video Tutorial on How to Access Your Certificate Account


Registration Includes: An official certificate, a 2 year subscription to our online Animal Emergency Resource Center, your choice of the 88 page full color class manual either as an E-book (View Only/Cannot be Printed) or a printed copy  (additional $24.95), businesses, organizations and groups may request a professional, frameable certificate and window decal, to hang in their place of business to promote that their staff/members are certified.

Our program is based on the most current method of animal CPR which was developed by emergency veterinarians. This class is designed to teach the participant how to administer emergency CPR and first aid to an animal until veterinary care is ascertained.

First aid supplies such as pet first aid kits, respiration barrier masks, etc are available to purchase with your registration.  Visit our online store for a list of items.  Retail items are mailed directly to you at the shipping address provided in checkout.


Awards 3 RACE approved CE to veterianry technicians. Please be aware that the class does not award RACE approved CE to Veterinarians. Veterinarians will receive a certificate with 3 professional CEU. Due to the nature of the subject matter the class may be too basic for a licensed vet. (click here to read our continuing education policy for veterinary professionals)

Approved to award 3.5 CEU to CCPDT Dog Trainers, 3 CEU to members of Pet Sitters International, 3.5 CEU to members of IAABC and 3 CEU to members of NADOI.

Additional information

Registration fee is per person (If registering more than one person please select total qty then add to cart

E-Book w/Deluxe Pet First Aid Kit AND a Portable Travel Pet First Aid Kit, Printed Book, Deluxe Pet First Aid Kit AND a Portable Travel Pet First Aid Kit, E-Book, Printed Book, E-Book w/Deluxe Pet First Aid Kit, Printed Book w/Deluxe Pet First Aid Kit