Request to Host an In-person Private Class for Your Group

Facilities may book a private class for their own staff, members, and/or volunteers.  

Private classes may not be open to the general public or anyone outside of your organization.

Facilities may book a private class for their own staff, members, and/or volunteers. A private class is a training session that is held for only your group of participants and is not open to the general public. Private classes also are not eligible to be fundraisers. Once you submit the form below, someone from our staff will contact you within a few business days to complete setting up your class with one of our amazing certified instructors in your area.

Registration Process for Private Classes: The first step is to fill out the form below to request a class.  Someone from our office will contact you within a day or two after we receive the request form to schedule the date with the instructor. Once the class is scheduled the contact person for your group must register all of your participants with the link we will provide to you.  The names and payment must be received at least 7 business days prior to the class. 

Payment for Private Classes: Private classes can be paid for by debit/credit card at the secure link we will provide for you.  You may also pay by check, however, the check must be received at least 7 days prior to the class.  Instructors do not accept payments. Another option is for your participants to register and pay for themselves.  If participants will be registering and paying for themselves we will provide a private link on our website enabling them to register directly through our office.  Private classes may not be open to the public and are restricted to the host’s staff or members unless otherwise negotiated with Pet Emergency Education.

Fill out the form below to request a  private class with Pet Emergency Education. 

Groups hosting a private class will be provided registration and payment options after a date is agreed upon by the instructor and the class is confirmed. Please be aware that instructors are contractors with Pet Emergency Education and work directly with our company therefore do not manage any of the administrative aspects of the class. Any questions about the class must be directed to our office, not the instructor. 

Fill Out the Form Below to Request a Private Class

This form is ONLY to be filled out if you are ready to book a class. It is not a contact form to get more information.
We do not have certified instructors in every state. Our company will make every effort to find an instructor to teach your class however we may have to offer an alternative such as a virtual training at a discounted rate if an instructor is not available in your area.
If an instructor is not available on one of our dates, they may contact you directly to work out a date and time that works for both of you.
We require a minimum of at least 6 people to hold a class.
*Our Advanced, EquiAid and the Wilderness classes are available only in areas where we have specialty trained instructors. Please contact our office to inquire if it is offered near you.
For Information on how to create RACEtrack account go to // We will also provide more information via email upon payment for the class.