If you registered more than one person this page is valid for everyone listed on your registration You must forward a copy of the links below to each person you registered.

Please try to arrive 10-15 minute before the class starts to sign in and get seated.  We recommend dressing in comfortable attire and bring a stuffed animal with you to practice on if you wish (optional). 

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E-books are “View Only” documents and for copyright reasons cannot be printed. You will receive a link to view the E-Book in your email once you complete this registration process. We do highly recommend reviewing the E-Book before the class however it is not required. You are also not required to have the book at the class. It is a reference guide for the future.

If you purchased a printed book, your book will be shipped directly to you at the address you provided at checkout. Be aware that books can take up 4 weeks to be received as it is being shipped from the US.

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